LDRobot Lidar Module with Bracket


The DTOF LiDAR_LD06 is an accessory tool provided for robotic device development or performance evaluation of sensor products, and for the educational purpose, algorithm study, robot obstacle avoidance and autonomous navigation.

  • Overview

    LD06 is mainly composed of laser ranging core, wireless transmission unit, wireless communication unit, angle measuring unit, motor driving unit and mechanical housing. Its ranging core adopts DTOF technology to measure 4500 times each second, and measuring the distance by calculating the time gap between infrared laser emitting and receiving. 

    After getting the distance data, LD06 will combine them with angel value getting from angle measurement unit to comprise the points cloud data, then transmitting the points cloud data to external interface via wireless communication. Meanwhile the external interface provides PWM to allow motor driving unit to drive the motor. After the external control unit gets the rotational speed, it will reach to specified speed through PID algorithm closed-loop control to ensure LD06 work stably.

    Notice: This product includes LD06 lidar module and the bracket, as for the adapter board, Micro USB cable and the lead wire, they are bundled as a LD06 cable kit and purchased separately.

  • Main Features
    • 12m measuring radius
    • 30000lux resistance to strong light
    • 4500HZ measurement frequency
    • 360° scanning range
    • Laser safety FDA Class I
    • TOF flight time ranging
    • 10000h service life

Performance Parameters

Parameters Unit Minimum   Typical Maximum Remarks
Range m 0.02 - 12 70% target reflectivity
Scan Frequency Hz 5 10 13 External PWM speed control
Sampling Frequency Hz - 4500 - Fixed-frequency
Ranging Accuracy
mm - - - When distance <=300mm, no accuracy requirements
mm - - ±45
When distance >300mm and <=12000mm
Ranging Standard Deviation
mm - 10 - When distance >300mm and <=12000mm
Measurement Resolution
mm - 15 -
Angular Error
° - - 2
Angular Resolution
- 1 -
Anti-ambient Light
KLux     - - 30
Life Time
h 10000 - -

Electrical and Mechanical Parameters

Parameters Unit Minimum Typical Maximum Remarks
Input Voltage
V 4.5 5 5.5
PWM Frequency
KHz 20 30 50 Square wave signal
Start up Current
mA - 300 -
Work Current
mA - 180 -
- UART @ 230400

Drive Motor
Brush-less motor
mm 38.59*38.59*33.50(L*W*H)

Weight g 42
Without cable
Operating Temp.
-10 25 40
Storage Temp.
-30 25 70



LD06-PI Lidar Cable Kit Product Brief

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