During the first boot, you will first enter the login interface. At this time, enter the default username “debix” and password "debix" to enter the desktop.

Desktop Introduction

The default system we provide is the system with Desktop. Here is a brief exhibition.

     [A] Wallpaper
     [B] Taskbar
     [C] Task
     [D] Network Identity        
     [E] Sound Volume Icon 
     [F] Power Button  
     [G] Activity Button
     [H] Window Title Bar
     [I] Minimize Button            
     [J] Maximum Button
     [K] Close Button

System Browser

DEBIX's desktop system pre-installed the Chromium browser. If you have used Google Chrome, you will be familiar with it.

File Management

Like other systems, DEBIX uses file manager as the desktop file management tool.

The files downloaded through browser are stored in the Downloads directory under the user's Home directory. The desktop files are stored in the Desktop

directory. For removable disks, the disk name will be displayed in the file manager when inserted, users can click to view them.

First Time Using

Click “Activities” in the upper left corner to open application interface. There are some pre-installed applications.

Open Setting, you will see some personal settings about the system, you can set up Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other settings here: