DEBIX Fanless Aluminum Enclosure


  • Overview

    The DEBIX Fanless Aluminum Enclosure is designed specifically for DEBIX Model A and Model B. Due to its small form-factor design, it has an increased surface area for enhanced heat dissipation while retaining access to all of the ports.


    DEBIX Model A, DEBIX Model B

  • Main Features
    • Can be used with DEBIX Model A and Model B
    • Rigid aluminum alloy enclosure
    • Increased surface area for enhanced heat dissipation
    • The right side of the enclosure is designed with a square hole and a stick-on plastic baffle to prevent Wi-Fi signal blocking
    • A circular hole is reserved on the right side for an external Wi-Fi antenna

Packing List

1pc aluminum alloy enclosure

All screws needed
1pc conductive rubber pad                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Enclosure Dimension: 94mm x 72mm x 30mm
Net Weight: 0.145KG (Rubber pad not included)
Gross Weight: 0.175KG (Rubber pad not included)


DEBIX Fanless Aluminum Enclosure Product Brief

DEBIX Enclosure User Manual V1.0

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