DEBIX Camera 200A Module

Camera 200A

  • Overview

    DEBIX Camera 200A Module is a tiny camera with the GC2145 sensor. It supports recording 1600 x 1200 video at 20fps, and features high still resolution of 2 megapixels and a diagonal field of view of 76 degrees. Camera 200A includes a 15cm flexible flat cable to connect with the CSI input connector on DEBIX Model A, DEBIX Model B, DEBIX Model C and DEBIX Infinity.


    · Compatible with DEBIX Model A, DEBIX Model B, DEBIX Model C and DEBIX Infinity

    · Support for use with DEBIX SOM A I/O Board through an add-on board


  • Main Features
    • 2 megapixels still resolution, 1600 x 1200/20fps video mode
    • 76 degrees diagonal FOV, 60 degrees horizontal FOV, 50 degrees vertical FOV
    • Fixed focus for default, could be changed to auto focus
Camera 200A
Still Resolution 2 megapixels                                                                                                                                        
Video Mode 1600 x 1200/20fps 
Sensor GC2145
Sensor Resolution 1616 x 1232 pixels
Sensor Image 2.83mm x 2.16mm
Pixel Size 1.75um x 1.75um
Optical Size 1/5”
Depth of Field Approx 30cm to ∞
Diagonal FOV 76 degrees
Horizontal FOV 60 degrees
Vertical FOV 50 degrees
Focus Fixed
Focal Length 2.27mm
Focal Ratio (F-Stop) 2.2
Maximum Exposure Time (seconds) /
Lens Mount N/A
Size 25mm x 24mm x 8.85mm
Flexible Flat Cable 15cm

Camera Lens
Output Formats
Lens Construction
3P + 1IR
TV Distortion
M5 x 0.35P
IR Filter
S/N Ratio
Dynamic Range
Power Supply

Core: 1.8VDC

Analog: 2.8VDC

I/O: 3.3VDC

Power Consumption
Operating: 100mW
Temperature Range

Operating Temp.: -30°C~ 70°C

Storage Temp.: -40°C~ 85°C


Camera 200A Product Brief

Camera User Manual

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