Configure DEBIX Pin Electrical Attributes in i.MX Device Tree


There are 2 parameters for the description of pins in the device tree:

·MX8MP_IOMUXC_GPIO1_IO01__PWM1_OUT describes the pin multiplexing relationship

·0x116 describes the electrical properties of the pin

The DEBIX pin multiplexing relationships can be found in imx8mp-pinfunc.h.

The electrical attribute parameters of the DEBIX pin are set as follows:

1.Open the official configuration tool Config Tools for i.MX v13, select File -> New

2.Create a new configuration, click Next

3. Select the DEBIX processor, click OK

4. To configure the GPIO1_IO12 pin electrical properties as an example:

5. Click on the right side to generate code.

6. Display the pin multiplexing relationship and electrical properties are described as follows: