TSN Synchronization Time

2024.1.15by debix.io

Test environment:

- Two Debix Model A board (named M1 and M2)

   - Connect two boards via the network cable

1. Install linuxptp

sudo apt-get install linuxptp

2. Configure master (M1) time and run ptp4l

1) Check M1 Ethernet corresponding PTP

2) Print "PTP Hardware Clock: 1" in step 1 to get the corresponding /dev/ptp1 of ens33

3) Get the current system time

4) Disable network synchronization

timedatectl set-ntp false

5) Sync time to ptp and check ptp time

phc_ctl /dev/ptp1 set

phc_ctl /dev/ptp1 get

6) Run ptp4l to send ptp time out

ptp4l -i ens33 -m -H --step_threshold=1 -2   &

3. Configure slave (M2) to view the time after synchronization

1) Run ptp4l to get time

ptp4l -i ens33 -m -H --step_threshold=1 -s -2 &

2) Run phc2sys to synchronize the time to system

phc2sys -s ens33 -c CLOCK_REALTIME  -w -m &

3) Check the current time via date command

When the time and master's time are the same, PTP time synchronization test is successful.