How to Compile And Deploy The Win10 IoT Experience App


1. Download the source code.





Download all the apps via the command:

git clone

2. Compile.

Select ARM64 framework and compile.

3. Configuration Remote windows debugger.

·Please refer to the documentation:

·Steps are as follows:

a. Install VS_RemoteTools.exe with the ARM64 version on DEBIX.

b. On DEBIX, run Remote Debugger as administrator.

c. On the PC, configure VS2019 for Debugging.

·Please refer to the documentation:

·The configuration steps are as follows:

①Right-click the project --> select "Configuration Properties" --> select "Debugging".

②Configure Working Directory, Remote Server Name, Debugger Type, Deloyment Directory and so on.

Note: Remote Server Name consists of the device name of DEBIX and the port number configured by VS_RemoteTools.

③Tick Deploy: In the Debugging tab of the project properties, click Configuration Manager, and then check "Deploy".

d. Run the deployment.

In VS2019, click Remote Windows Debugger. SpiTestTool.exe will be automatically deployed to DEBIX and run; as shown below: